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Hermès Bags for Every Budget

From entry-level bags to exotic blockbusters, here we pull back the curtain to give some transparency on what you can expect to get for your budget when buying a secondhand Hermès handbag from SACLÀB. Text by Suzannah Wilkinson

With Hermès handbags regularly breaking world auction records and little price visibility within the primary market, it can be easy to assume that investing in an accessory from the legendary Parisian fashion house is beyond your reach. But while of course the incredible quality of Hermès does come at a premium, you’d be surprised at what you might find for as little as €1,000–3,000.

A note on the categories. When buying secondhand, the condition of a bag plays a large part in its valuation. As such, you can find well-loved bags at the lower end of the scale, while the same styles ‘fresh out of the box’ come at a premium. At SACLÀB, we use a clear grading system, so you can feel confident in your purchase, whatever its condition. 

Budget: €1,000–3,000

Our first price bracket for an Hermès handbag contains some beauties. Rather than the big hitters, set your sights on some of the more overlooked (and in our opinion, underrated) styles in the brand’s archive, especially the smaller or simpler pieces (fewer design elements = lower production cost). The Double Sens tote, made of butter-soft leather in a minimalist cut, is reversible, and often comes in contrasting colours meaning you get two bags for the price of one! If you prefer your tote to fasten at the top, search for the Garden Party, another pared-back carryall.


A two-sided Sens Double 45 Sikkim Rose Sakura Clemence Rouge Pivoine, available on SACLÀ Budget: €1,500

For something more compact, the Evelyne crossbody bag is a chic ‘70s utilitarian mini which you can find for around €1,500–2,000. It has a perforated ‘H’ at the front and a wide adjustable strap. A Plume bag is one of Hermès’ oldest designs, first produced in the ‘60s, with a timeless rectangular shape and rigid handles that can be carried or worn on the shoulder. Smaller sizes of this style can be found for under €3,000. Elsewhere, a vintage clutch is a great option – look for the Jige envelope clutch, with a distinctive H clasp, or a Rio, which fastens with an embellished H button.

20 Hermès Vintage Jige Tadelakt Gris Perle Evening Envelope_1

Dating back to 2000, this Hermès Jige Tadelakt Gris Perle is an ultra-versatile vintage evening envelope. Shop it now on SACLÀ Budget: €1,420

Other styles to look out for: Convoyeur, Piano, Picotin, Paris Bombay

Budget: €3,000–5,000 

Going above the €3,000 price band gives you a glimpse into some of Hermès’ more iconic bags. Most excitingly, you can find beautiful vintage Kelly bags at this price, crafted from smooth Box Calf leathers in classic colours such as Noir, Rouge H and Marron. We’d also recommend seeking out canvas Kellys with a leather trim: stylish, practical and attractively priced. 

Designed as a travel bag, the Bolide was released in 1923, and remarkably was the first ever handbag to come with a zip! With a removable shoulder strap and roomy curved shape, it’s a true classic for any collector, coming in at around €3,000–4,000. For a slouchier style, look to the Lindy – perfect for contemporary, casual outfits. 

Hermès Bolide Mini Chevre Black Luxury Handbag SACLÀB

An inky-black Hermès Bolide Mini Chevre to fit your phone, cardholder, and keys. Get it now on SACLÀ Budget: €3,885

A pre-loved Hermès Lindy 30 Taurillon Clemence Rubis on SACLÀB

This Hermès Lindy 30 Taurillon Clemence comes in Rubis, a rich ruby-red. It’s the perfect bag to multitask: Wear it over your shoulder, in the crook of your arm, or by the handles in your hand. Available on SACLÀ Budget: €4,590

Want to take your evening look to the next level? Enter the Kelly Cut clutch. Replicating the same structured aesthetic as the classic Kelly, this elongated accessory has a certain pizzazz about it. You’ll certainly find some styles at this price level although for a ‘like-new’ number, jump to the next price bracket. 

In the €3,000–5,000 bracket you’ll also chance across some Constances – but more on those later…

A Pre-Loved Hermés Jypsiere 28 Taurillon Clemence in Black

This Hermés Jypsiere 28 Taurillon Clemence Black is the ultimate everyday saddlebag, available on SACLÀ Budget: €4,520

Other styles to look out for: Jypsiere, Berline

Budget: €5,000–10,000

This is the category where things get really interesting. Armed with a budget of €5,000–10,000, you can invest in the Birkin or Kelly bag of your dreams in popular hard-wearing leathers such as Swift or Togo. If you love exotic skins, you’ll find that you’re even in reach of ostrich leather at this level. 

Hermès Kelly 35 Clemence leather Colvert Blue SACLÀB

This Hermès Kelly 35 Clemence Colvert comes in a muted blue shade, it’s made for your everyday rotation. Pick it up now on SACLÀ Budget: €7,650

A pre-loved Hermès Birkin 40 in Black Clemence Leather on SACLÀB

This unisex Hermès Birkin 40 Clemence Black carries all your necessities, from the office to vacation. Shop it now on SACLÀ Budget: €8,680

A pre-loved Hermès Kelly Cut Clutch Swift Rose d’Ete on SACLÀB

This unworn store-fresh Hermès Kelly Cut Clutch Swift Rose d’Ete arrives inside its orange box and dust bag. Shop it now on SACLÀ Budget: €6,860

At around €7,000, you’re also very well placed to invest in the third of the Hermès ‘holy trinity’ of bags, the Constance. Hermès’ most beloved mini with a gleaming H clasp, this super-chic cross-body style is delightfully compact, coming in four sizes and a rainbow-like array of colours.

Budget: €10,000–25,000

From €10,000, you can begin to shop some truly special Hermès editions. At this range, you’ll find pristine larger Birkin and Kelly sizes, such as 35 and 40. You can also invest in a top-draw exotic Kelly at this price too, as well as some crocodile Birkins.

A honey-coloured Vintage Hermès Kelly 32 Ostrich Gold, handcrafted in 1993. Snap it up now, on SACLÀ Budget: €10,450

A pre-loved Hermès Birkin 40 Togo Rouge Tomate on SACLÀB

This Birkin 40 Togo Rouge Tomate is a pop-bright unisex carryall. Shop it now on SACLÀ Budget: €10,950

A pre-loved Hermès Birkin 25 Swift Anemone on SACLÀB

This 2020 ‘Baby’ Birkin 25 Swift Anemone comes in the most coveted size and like-new condition. Make it yours on SACLÀ Budget: €12,800

A pre-loved Hermès Kelly 32 Porosus Crocodile Lisse Ficelle on SACLÀB

An exotic vintage treasure, this 1993 Hermès Kelly 32 Sellier is handcrafted from Porosus Crocodile Lisse in Ficelle, a versatile tan shade. Get it now, on SACLÀ Budget: €19,860

When it comes to Constances, you’re spoiled for choice, including limited-edition styles like the Au Bout du Monde and exotic skins. Expect to pay €20,000 upwards for a good quality crocodile Constance, and €15,000 for ostrich.

Hermès Constance 18 Marquette Alligator Lizard SACLÀB

An exotic collectible, this rare Hermès Constance 18 Mini Marquette is crafted from Alligator in Vert Veronese combined with an H-clasp in Agate Lizard skin. Available on SACLÀ Budget: €19,800

Budget: €25,000–50,000

The world is your oyster in terms of exotics when you go beyond €25,000. Alligator and crocodile skins in coveted jewel-toned hues and shiny finishes appear at the top of this tier. 

A precious Birkin 25 Crocodile Niloticus Cocoan, coloured in a dark chocolate brown. Get it now on SACLÀ Budget: €29,950

A pre-loved Hermès Birkin 25 Niloticus Crocodile Lisse Rose Extreme on SACLÀB

The gloss of this Hermès Birkin 25 Niloticus Crocodile Lisse Rose Extreme is achieved by a specialized agate stone polishing technique that only very few skilled Hermès artisans master. Shop it now on SACLÀ Budget: €40,850

A season-less colour combination, this shiny Hermès Birkin 30 Porosus Crocodile Black and gold-plated hardware. Available on SACLÀ Budget: €48,800

With this budget, you can also set your sights on a limited-edition collector’s item from our Hermès Hall of Fame, such as a Shadow Birkin, Picnic Kelly, Kelly Doll, Plush Kelly or So Black style – if you’re lucky enough to find one…

Budget: €50,000 upwards

At €50,000 and above, you gain access to the crème de la crème of Hermès handbags. Here, you’ll find crocodile and alligator Birkins in the most sought-after colours, such as Bubblegum and Rose Scheherazade. Ombre Lizard bags are available to you, as well as the legendary Himalaya, crafted from Niloticus crocodile to represent the snowy peaks of its namesake mountains. You can also splash out on a creation featuring Hermès’ most luxe hardware: diamond-encrusted white gold.

Hermès Birkin 30 Niloticus Himalaya Blanc

This Hermès Birkin 30 Niloticus Himalaya Blanc makes any collector’s heart beat faster. On the hunt to make it your own? Reach out to our SACLÀB consultants and we will track it down for you.

Have you got your dream bag and budget in mind? Let the SACLÀB team know what’s on your wishlist, and we’ll take care of it.


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