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Keeping your bag in immaculate condition

Caring for Your Leather Bags


As we want you to enjoy your bag for years to come, we choose only the finest bags that are box-fresh or have only the slightest signs of wear — one of the many reasons we are meticulous about the designers we offer.
With proper care, high-end leather handbags are designed to last a lifetime. However, as a natural material, leather can change colour, patina/finish, and shape over time. Regular treatments at the SACLÀB spa, touch-ups or even restoration help to maintain the bag in perfect condition. Our consultants recommend bag maintenance every 36 months, or more frequently with everyday use.

Protect it from

Humidity, oily products such as make up and sunscreen, (ball) pens, perfume and other alcohol-based products. Try not to overload your bag and give it a rest from time to time — however hard that may be.

The elements

If the bag comes into contact with water, wipe immediately with a soft, lint-free cloth. Protect it from prolonged heat and light, which may alter the colour and dry out the leather.

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At home

When not in use, store the bag in its dust bag and box, carefully stuff the inside with paper or bubble wrap to keep its shape. Preferably keep your bag away from light, heat, and humidity.

Customised bags should not be over-exposed to direct sunlight.


Exotic skins such as Lizard or Crocodile require specialised care and maintenance. SACLÀB offers an in-house spa service to keep your bag in pristine condition. Please get in touch to discuss options and pricing.


Customised bags

Our custom-made bags are like wearable artworks, which means they call for regular cleansing by professionals. Please get in touch to discuss how best to pamper your handbag.