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Conscious Friday

We use the fashion items we buy approximately 40% less than we did 15 years ago, at the same time production has doubled. We simply buy more but wear it less. That’s why we encourage you not to follow the annual impulse-driven Black Friday craze, but to invest in long-lasting pieces you really love instead. Join us for Conscious Friday! Text by Leonie Görke

Some of our bags have lived many lives – they went through the hands of two, three, or more proud owners. 

By extending the life cycle of high-value handbags, waste of buying brand new is reduced.

Our wardrobe staple favourites? The Chanel Timeless Classic, 2.55 or Hermès Kelly and Birkin Bags are ever-lasting hero pieces.

On top, we gift you a free bag spa treatment with every purchase – so you can enjoy your new bag for years to come.


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